About Amber

Life Coach Speaker

With her openness and honesty about life, Amber Kuhn brings a fresh and engaging view on relationships and sexuality, how to embrace personal attributes that make you unique and encourages her audience to achieve their personal and professional potential in life. 

Whether through one-on-one coaching or speaking to the masses, Amber imparts her life experiences from a pure and passionate heart, with a humorous and raw twist, which has been refined and tested by her personal triumphs and adversities. 

Amber is a faith-filled woman who is not afraid to dream the impossible and inspire others to do the same.

A note from Amber…

I am a God fearing woman, a loving wife, an administrator extraordinaire, an encourager and I am learning each new day how to do life well.

My passion is to encourage people to reach their full potential, whether in their work and/or their personal life, as I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing people get breakthroughs in their world. I know that God has called each one of us to such different, unique and amazing journeys, and I love it when people are released into their full potential to do something great. If I can be a vessel through which this potential is unlocked, then I consider myself blessed with an enriched life.


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