What makes your heart happy?

What makes your heart happy? When you are low and need a pick me up, what do you do? When you have a moment to yourself, what do you do to give yourself a bit of pampering?

This week there has been a big shift in my household. Dave squared (my Husband and his business partner) have been working out of home for the past 4 months. It’s been so great having them here doing their work but just knowing they are around. This week however, they are now working out of an office 40 minutes away. This was our life back in Australia so it shouldn’t come as such a shock, right? Wrong! After 4 months of having them here, it did! All of a sudden the days feel very long, our house feels very big and very quiet.

Do you ever have those days where you feel as though you will just bear it, count down the hours and the day will be over? Maybe because you’re working in a busy or boring job, or looking after some screaming toddlers, or maybe nothing is really happening so you’re boredom dictates your mood and outlook.

Today, being my day off after a long and busy week, I have decided that instead of bearing the day, I would surround myself with the things that make my heart happy. Here is my list for today….

Waking up to a beautiful Indian summer’s morning, blue skies and the heat on my skin energizes my soul20111014-100905.jpg

Spent time with God to feel refreshed and know that He is with me20111014-100921.jpg

While cleaning the kitchen, I was listening to Hamish and Andy for some laugh out loud humor


I love pretty scents. Be it perfume, candles or fragrances. Today I was burning a Creamy Caramel Pumpkin candle, which made the house smell as though I had been cooking for hours, but all I had to do was light 1 match.

Baking and eating mum’s famous carrot cake recipe, which not only made me feel closer to home, it made me pretty happy knowing that I can replicate mum’s cooking!20111014-100947.jpg

While hitting the books, I loved learning how to relate to people better and get people to see their full potential through the world of life coaching. 20111014-100931.jpg

Also while studying, I snacked on yummy Jelly Bellys, which I now regret because I have the sorest tummy. But how can you resist eating each one and identifying them on the back of the packet, then working out all the different combinations?20111014-101022.jpg

Oh, and I bought a few cute things for the home. Just some little things that when I look at them just give me a little smile. Like these super cute serviette rings…. CUTE! 20111014-100957.jpg

All in all today could have been somewhat boring or mundane. Instead I feel refreshed, which allows me to give to others. If your heart is happy, then out of that will flow how you respond and relate to others.

Take some time this weekend, maybe 10 minutes if that’s all the time you can spare, maybe a few hours or a day where you allow yourself some time to do the things that make you happy! Trust me, it’s worth it!


One thought on “What makes your heart happy?

  1. Glad you are making the most of every moment…thanks for the inspiration girly! I need some peace and happiness in my heart today… God is indeed the giver of good gifts- can’t wait to see what he unfolds this weekend. Those jelly bellies can indeed be dangerous!!

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