Happy Father’s day Dad!

It’s Father’s day in Australia, so I thought I would dedicate this blog post to my amazing dad! For some, Father’s day brings about warm feelings of their dad who was there to love and nurture them. For others, this day can be a day of grief or loss. For me, this is a day where I want to honor a special man who I get to call my dad.

Growing up I was daddy’s little girl, but then my adolescent years hit… hard. For some reason I wanted to push away a man who had raised me and always did what was best for our family, even if it came at a great sacrifice. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood and realized that my dad was more than just a dad. He became a friend, a coach and mentor.

Dad and I would go on Daddy Daughter dates, where he would show me what it was like for a man to treat a lady… I was watching.

Dad would help me in my career, by showing me how to relate to others and present myself professionally. What he had learnt and overcame in his career… I was watching.

Dad would encourage me in my walk with God, bringing out the best in me and helping me in my relationship with my heavenly Dad. He would pray with me and talk until the late hours of the night. He modelled a man of faith in the good times, integrity in the tough times… and I was watching.

What is your relationship with your dad like? What are some of the life lessons he has taught you?

If your relationship with your dad isn’t at a place of comfort or peace, remember there is a Dad in heaven who loves you and knows your inner most thoughts. Who formed you and created you… and He is watching.

Thanks dad for the man that you are.

For some of my favorite dad moments, here are 2 videos to enjoy! Happy Father’s Day!



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