When I grow up, I want to be a…… (Part 2)

Part 1 of the post ‘When I grow up, I want to be a….’ I talked about the differences between our passion as a five year old which we so enthusiastically proclaimed, versus our passions as an adult and how we have either put them to the side to make a living, or we are too fearful on how to take steps to actually pursue our passions and dreams.

Have you been thinking about what is stopping you from pursuing your passion? Are you like me and come up with excuses as to why it’s not possible? Here is a small list just to get you thinking whether or not you are making the same excuses I did:

  • My passion couldn’t be a ‘career’. It’s just something I enjoy doing on the side.
  • I am the sole provider of my family at this point, I don’t have the time or resources to be able to do what I love.
  • I can hardly focus on things I need to do today, how can I focus on things I want to do tomorrow?
  • I don’t have what it takes to do something I love, I will just stay here in my comfort zone.
  • And probably the least significant but the most detrimental…. I need to refresh my Facebook page over and over again just incase I miss what’s going on in someone else’s life! I don’t have time to live a life of my own?!
My encouragement to you today would be to have a look at what is in your world right now that is something you love (other than Facebook!)? Is it talking to and encouraging people? Is it a night course you are taking just for a creative outlet for you, but deep down you would love to do it full time? Are you volunteering your time in an activity for a certain group? Whatever it may be, think about how can you make this passion your career.
How did I make the change? How did I go from office admin to pursuing my dream of being a speaker and life coach? Well some simple things that I have done to follow my passion are:
  • I have started this blog site. For me it’s actually a big step. I’m not much of a reader or writer (I actually consider myself far from it) but I know that this is a great way to communicate to the masses (and individual) about the passion that is on my heart to do life well.
  • I have studied a part time course for a year on Speaking, Writing and Leadership
  • I am currently doing my diploma in Life Coaching
  • I have taken opportunities to speak to crowds as big as 1,600 people encouraging them towards their goals
Some of the above steps have been easy, and others… well quite hard. But all it took was a step.
Have you forgotten what you wanted to be when you were five? How about you take some time now and think back to what  your answer could have been. Alternatively, what is your heart saying now? Do you know what your passion is but you just haven’t pursued it?
Here’s some small practical tips for this week:
  1. Identify what your passions are – What did you want to be when you grow up? What do you love doing if you could do anything at all?
  2. Identify excuses – What are you telling yourself to think you can’t follow your passions? Write these excuses down and go through each one to figure out how to overcome these excuses.
  3. Start thinking about how you could pursue these passions – Who do you need to contact to help you? Is there a course you need to study? What is in your world right now? What are the steps towards stepping out and making your passion something you do everyday?
  4. Give realistic timelines – It’s all good writing what you need to do, but it’s more important to put a time line to it. Make some short term and long term goals. If the idea of setting goals and timelines is a scary or foreign to you, remember that “goals are just dreams with deadlines”.
I would love to hear how you go with making your passion your career! Feel free to share any further comments or helpful tips that you discover along the way.

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